Metal Sawing Technology Acquires Houston Metal Cutting 

Metal Sawing Technology continues to expand and disrupt the steel processing industry with its recent acquisition of Houston Metal Cutting.

“The acquisition of Houston Metal Cutting brings us one step closer to the customer,” Metal Sawing Technology President Chris Luke said. “This will allow us to better understand customer needs and the performance of our products on machines.”

Houston Metal Cutting is more than 50 years old, and the family-owned business was developed into one of Houston’s premier contract steel processing companies that specializes in band sawing all types of steel. With more than 20 bandsaws and up to 60-inch capacity, the company has been helping customers cut a large variety of parts for more than a half century.

It will be renamed Houston Metal Sawing and will serve another benefit as it provides Metal Sawing Technology the ability to test new blade and machine innovations in real time.

Courtesy of Metal Sawing Technology.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Valve World Americas, Stainless steel World Americas and other related print & online media.