LE enhances Magnum® PRO Gun

Lincoln Electric’s Magnum® PRO welding gun line has been extended and enhanced to add greater flexibility and convenience for fabrication owners and operators. The Magnum® PRO product family includes semiautomatic MIG / flux-cored guns with barrel-style or Curve™ handles; dedicated self-shielded flux-cored K126™ guns; and Magnum® PRO Thru-Arm and External Dress torches for robotic applications. The line uses the same interchangeable Copper Plus™ contact tips, nozzles and diffusers with AntiSeize™ thread design, available in only two groups — 350 amp and 550 amp ranges. This reduces the need to stock multiple expendable parts for each gun model.
The new Magnum® PRO additions include:

• Multiple gun cable lengths for every semiautomatic model – 10, 15, 20 and 25 feet

• Dual Procedure models — Allow users to easily change welding procedures using an added thumb toggle switch, even while performing a weld, to automatically adjust weld parameters like voltage or wire feed speed without making changes at the wire feeder.

• Dual Schedule models – Allow users to easily change welding procedures by depressing the gun trigger – half trigger or first position for the first or starting procedure and full trigger or second position for a second procedure.
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