GE reveals taller wind turbine towers

GE has introduced taller towers for its onshore wind turbine product line. The new towers allow for higher annual energy production (AEP) and increase the number of potential wind sites. Initially, the towers will be offered for GE’s 2.5MW series including the new 2.75-103 wind turbine. More sites become suitable wind farm locations with the taller towers and the increased height offers more value to customers as higher winds and a reduction in the impact of turbulence result in higher annual energy production. The towers are available with hub heights of more than 130m and have a robust hybrid pre-cast concrete and tubular steel design. They are particularly suitable for densely forested areas and hillside areas that are prone to high turbulence intensity. The initial key markets for the new turbine towers are Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Romania and Canada.

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