European Funded Research to Boost the Safety of Steel Construction Products Using Recycled Scrap Aluminum

RMIT Europe has been awarded AU$434K to contribute to ALCOAT, a research project developing aluminum alloy coatings as a more sustainable alternative to zinc galvanization. Steel is the world’s most important metallic construction material: its mechanical properties, availability and affordability make it a staple in many building and infrastructure projects. Left untreated, steel is susceptible to oxidation and subsequent deterioration, with tell-tale signs of damage such as cracking and rusting especially prevalent in moisture-rich environments.

Protection against corrosion is necessary to lengthen the service life of steel products and ensure the fulfilment of safety requirements by averting material failure. ALCOAT is a 42-month project that will develop two new families of aluminum alloy coatings thanks to financing from the EU Research Fund for Coal & Steel (RFCS).

Courtesy of RMIT Europe.

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