Elesa’s stainless steel components for conveyors

Elesa, an Ohio-based manufacturer of components for the mechanical industry, has released new conveyor components that will allow the creation of support structures for production lines in various industrial markets. These components include roller sides and control guides, linear guide rails, also with shaped profile, and a series of accessories, which are all recommended for the bottling, packaging, and material-handling industries.
The new side and central guides, as well as the articulated side guides, are constructed from polythene-based (PE) technopolymer. The side guides and central guides are available with an anodized aluminum body, acetal resin-based technopolymer supports, and AISI 304 stainless steel pins.
The linear lateral guides (GLP, GLR, and GLT series) are used for the side guide of products with various dimensions on conveyor belts, and consist of brackets made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The GLP-HT series linear lateral guides in polytetrafluoroethylene- (PTFE-) based technopolymer are designed for high-temperature environments, such as ovens, fryers, and steam chambers. 
The line is completed by a series of accessories, including closing caps, separation blocks, and technopolymer supports, as well as stainless steel profiles. 
Image courtesy of Elesa
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