EBSD analysis and hot tensile properties of 304h joints

This week’s article, ‘EBSD analysis and hot tensile properties of pulsed current gas tungsten arc welded super 304h austenitic stainless steel joints (Part one of two)’, talks about the need to increase the efficiency of the power plants, and achieve reduction in CO2 emissions can be attained by increasing the parameters of steam cycles.

“The main challenge in building power plants with advanced steam cycles is the availability of construction materials. Newer alloys are being developed and identified for the requirement of such power plants with advanced steam cycles. In such effort, super 304H stainless steel is proposed for use in super heater and reheater tubings of ultra-supercritical boilers,” the article explains.

For the full article, email Catarina Muia at c.muia@kci-world.com for the article PDF. 

Image courtesy of Shashwat Stainless Inc. 
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