Tres Cruces 8,PO Box 22 E-01400 Llodio, Alava Spain
Tres Cruces 8,PO Box 22 E-01400 Llodio, Alava Euskadi 01400
tel: +34-94-671-9300tel: +34-94-671-9300

TUBACEX, S.A. is an industrial Group founded in 1963, dedicated to the manufacture and sale of special seamless stainless steel tubes, exporting to over 60 countries all over the world. Total sales have converted TUBACEX into the the second producer worldwide, a leadership where total integration of the production processes has demonstrated being a key factor in success.

The Head Office located in Llodio (Alava), Spain has branches in Austria and USA with delegations in Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, China, Brazil, Dubai and Russia.

The actual workforce in the companies that form the TUBACEX Group total 1,789. The main clients of the TUBACEX Group belong to the oil, petrochemical, chemical, power producing, machining, car manufacturing, food producing, aircraft, nuclear and capital goods industries.

Some of the key aspects of TUBACEX are the following:

  • An Industrial Group integrated and controlled from the Holding Head Office, operating at a Corporate level.
  • Management compromised with the areas of our Core-Business.
  • Formed by competitive business units, which operate in the stainless steel global market with great growth potential.
  • Important synergies between the different companies in the Group.
  • Orientated toward Service and Quality for the Client.
  • Strategy focused on creation of value for the Stockholder