Timesavers International

Fruitlaan 20-30 Netherlands, The
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Company Profile

Timesavers International
Timesavers is one of the largest and technically most advanced manufacturers of grinding and finishing machine solutions. Worldwide we have more than 55.000 machines operational in very diverse application fields.

Related to finishing we service the metal- and special materials processing industries in the working width range of 1350, 1600, 2100 and 2600 millimetres. Timesavers assists her customers by providing them not only with excellent machinery but also with exceptional services and support, that ensures from our innovative technologies and unquestionable expertise.

Timesavers has developed into a company specializing in the production of a broad selection of wet and dry working machines for grinding, calibrating, finishing and deburring carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as more exotic materials, like for the world’s largest producers of molybdenum, zirconium and titanium. We also make machinery to even handle tungsten, tantalum and copper.

The perfect finish with a Timesavers
The machines from Timesavers can be built to produce a variety of finishes.            The most common finish is a straight-line or grain finish for decorative purposes.   This can be accomplished using abrasive belts or in some cases the desired result may require both abrasive belt and brush heads. Other purposes for finishing include preparing surfaces for paint adhesion and achieving a specific micro-inch finish.

Timesavers offers machines for each of the above requirements and is able to run samples to demonstrate results on your product. Besides this you are more than welcome to visit our factory in the Netherlands.

Turnkey project management
Timesavers advises, delivers, installs and offers back-ups.
If required we can deliver turnkey projects that can include, for example, an alignment machine, coiler & de-coiler, a PVC-coating machine, roller tables, stacker & de-stacker units, dust extractors for dry working machines or water filter units for wet working machines. With experienced support from the design phase up to and including delivery.