Handy Tube Corporation

124 Vepco Blvd. DE 19934,Camden,Delaware United States of America
124 Vepco Blvd. DE 19934,Camden,Delaware Delaware 19934 United States of America

HandyTube Corporation, is a premium manufacturer of seamless stainless-steel & nickel alloys for coil and straight-length tubing in diverse industries worldwide. HandyTube Corporation is located in Camden, Delaware, United States.

Our seamless tubing is available in both coils and straights in numerous high-performing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloys including many 300 Series alloys, 904L, Alloy C276, Alloy 22, Alloy 400, MP35N, Alloy 825, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, including 6Mo (UNS S31254) meeting NORSOK M650 (Edition 4 for MDS R18) featuring wall thicknesses up to 3.8 mm. All tubing can be coated with PVC or TPU providing additional protection against the elements and line identification.

Coil tubes featuring outer diameters as small as 0.017” (0.432 mm) and inner diameters as small as 0.005” (0.127 mm) up to 1” outside diameter and 0.150” wall. Our coil tubing is utilized in applications ranging from safety valves for sub-sea oil wells, the transmission of highly-flammable hydrocarbon gases, and CNG/LNG refueling stations. Coil product is also utilized in firefighting systems, remote hydraulic control lines, and pressure sensing lines by ship builders.. 

Our straight-length tubes are manufactured according to ASTM, MIL-T, Semi-Conductor Manufacturer’s, and AMS specifications, making them ideal for general instrumentation, aerospace and defense service, and Ultra High Purity (UHP) systems. Our straight-length tubing is available in different sizes ranging from outer diameters as small as 0.017” and inner diameters as small as 0.003” up to 0.750” outside diameter.

We also manufacture seamless capillary tubes, which play a vital role in many sophisticated measurement and sensing devices. From pressure sensors to flow meters, our capillary tubes are used in many critical applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

In addition, our Ultra-Small Diameter (USD™) capillary tubing for Chromatography applications features outside diameters less than 0.0625″ (1.59 mm). To minimize the risk of cross-contamination and save our customers time, we developed our proprietary Chroma Clean ID™ cleaning process, which removes manufacturing lubricants and other contaminants from the tubing interior. In addition, our Chromat ID™ drawing process provides ID support during the manufacturing process, creating smoother, consistently uniform ID surface characteristics.

To ensure no defect goes undetected, our coils are 100% hydrostatically tested—a proven reliable and consistent method compared to some non-destructive test methods. We also perform a 100% Positive Material Identification on all finished product, guaranteeing the material meets all customer requirements. Mechanical tests are conducted on-site to provide our customers with an expeditious and flexible delivery schedule.

All of our tubing is manufactured to a fully documented quality system that exceeds ISO 9001 certification requirements.

To learn more visit our website http://www.handytube.com, you can contact HandyTube at sales@handytube.com