Böhler Welding

Böhler-Welding-Str. 1, 8605 Kapfenberg Austria
Böhler-Welding-Str. 1, 8605 Kapfenberg Steiermark 8605 Austria

Matchless in Stainless


Think stainless, weld stainless, love stainless. Worldwide, Böhler Welding shares a passion for stainless steel with their customers. They provide them with superb filler metals and advanced finishing chemicals, along with the expertise to get the best out of the products. To make strong, corrosion resistant and lasting welds that reflect the beauty of stainless steel. In any branch of industry – simply matchless in stainless.


Application Services

Customer proximity is guaranteed by more than 50 subsidiaries and over 1,000 distribution partners worldwide. With individual consultation by the Böhler Welding application technicians and welding engineers, lasting solutions are provided:

  • product and technical consultation
  • process optimization
  • customized training courses and seminars


Böhler Welding – Lasting Connections

Perfect alignment of welding machines, consumables and technologies combined with our renowned application and process know-how provide the best solution for your requirements:  A true and proven connection between people, products and technologies. The result is what we promise: Full Welding Solutions for Lasting Connections.


As a globally active supplier in the field of joint welding, Böhler Welding offers its customers the best solutions and products for stainless steels:

  • TIG Rods
  • Stick electrodes
  • Flux- and Metal-cored wires
  • MIG/MAG solid wires
  • SAW wires and flux


Böhler Welding is also a leading producer of superior pickling products for stainless steels and special alloys. The product portfolio contains a wide range of finishing chemicals like pickling gels, pastes, sprays, liquids and cleaning agents to help restore the surface and return the stainless steel to its original lustrous look, feel and finish. Böhler Welding products help customers around the word in their daily work of creating a superior stainless steel surface.



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