Cutting Dynamics partners with Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood Press Company has partnered with aerospace parts-supplier, Cutting Dynamics, to design and manufacture a 75-ton hydraulic press used to hot form titanium structural components. 

Getting as hot as 1600°F, the custom press uses electric cartridge heaters to provide even temperature distribution throughout the forming process, which increases the malleability of titanium and reduces spring-back. 

“We are excited to be working with Beckwood on our hot form press,” said Bill Carson, president of Cutting Dynamics. “We have been very pleased with the Triform equipment we previously purchased from them and expect our new press to perform at the same high standard. It should greatly enhance our product offering and enable us to provide even more complex formed and assembled titanium components to our customer base.”

The new press has capabilities for super-plastic forming (SPF), which, when using a die-infused with high-temperature argon gas, has the ability to form high-strength materials into complex geometric shapes in a single operation.
Image courtesy of Aerospace Manufacturing
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