Controle Mesure Systemes Testing

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of in-line and off-line NDT turnkey solutions, CMS customizes their equipment to perform quality inspection in any industrial environment, meeting the requirements of international standards (ASTM, API, DIN, SEP, EN, etc.).

Controle Mesure Systemes works with the most prestigious manufacturers in aeronautics, automotive, nuclear and metal industries worldwide. An extensive network of agents (sales representative and technical support) is deployed in more than 15 countries. In addition, the American subsidiary Controle Mesure Systemes Inc. opened in 2021 in New York.

The company has mastered two complementary inspection methods:

  • Eddy Current testing, that focuses on surface and subsurface defect detection, conductivity measurement, heat treatment verification, or material sorting.
  • Ultrasonic testing for internal defect detection and to perform highly accurate dimensional measurements (OD, ID, WT, eccentricity).

Combing both solutions on a testing bench results in a 100% inspection of the product at very high speed.

The company has complete control over the production chain and handles all stages of a project, from conception to the manufacturing and on-site installation. Controle Mesure Systemes designs every mechanical and electrical component, and develops their own software in-house to match and fulfill customer’s requirements. The supervision software named Probus, is a major asset for monitoring productivity, quality and traceability of the manufacturing process. This multilingual and user-friendly software centralizes all the sensors data from the production line. It displays and analyzes the NDT signals, controls the line’s actuators accordingly, and creates inspection reports. All the testing parameters from the control bench can be managed within the software.

Here is an example of a 60 meters long installation recently delivered by Controle Mesure Systemes. It is composed of an Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing bench, an upstream conveyor feeding the control station from the loading table, and a downstream conveyor sorting the products according to the inspection result. The complementarity of the two NDT methods allows a 100% quality control of steel tubes with diameter up to 90mm (3.5”), at a speed of 1m/s. Probus is the brain and the decision-making element of the entire production line, managing the inspection instruments, displaying, analyzing and recording all the signals for traceability.

The line was designed to ensure a very high level of productivity. It has specific features such as the ability of catching up with tubes during the control.

Controle Mesure Systemes designs and manufactures brand new installations, but also handles full or partial revamping of existing NDT equipment. Whether the customer needs a mechanical replacement or a software improvement, CMS can provide a performing solution. The supervision software Probus has the ability to collect analog signals from any source, so it can be easily integrated on an existing inspection bench.

Courtesy of Controle Mesure Systemes.