Carpenter & US Steel to develop lighter high-stren

Carpenter Technology Corporation has completed a formal cooperation agreement with United States Steel Corporation, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which allows for the development of a new “lightweighting” steel for automotive applications.
Carpenter’s patented alloy, TEMPER TOUGH™ specialized steel alloy, is designed for use in flat-roll automotive applications, as well as other demanding applications. Originally designed for the aerospace industry, the new alloy may help automotive manufacturers meet recently mandated Corporate Average Fuel Requirement (CAFÉ) standards by lightweighting vehicles through mass reduction. TEMPER TOUGH specialized steel alloy also offers extraordinarily high-strength and ductility attributes that support ever-increasing safety requirements to be designed into critical automotive support end-uses.
U.S. Steel, a steelmaking leader with decades of experience meeting the needs of automotive customers and their ever-increasing demand for advanced high-strength steels, will develop the grade through its operational footprint.

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