California Knife & Blade new online Baucor store

California Knife & Blade’s trademark BAUCOR introduces a new feature on its website: an online store. Buyers looking for a source of industrial blades and machine knives can shop directly online, where they can sort, filter and securely buy among hundreds of different types of machine knives and industrial blades in various materials. From circular knife blades to punch die cut knives, many industrial blades are available by size, shape, cut type and material.

The materials include tool steels such as ground hardened D2 tool steel, M2 High Speed Steel, 400 and 300 stainless steel series as well as carefully selected tungsten carbide grades. Its capabilities also include TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating, and PTFE (Teflon) coating for extra wear resistance.

California Knife & Blade manufactures and designs industrial blades and machine knives including industrial tungsten carbide knives and carbide blades, industrial razor blades, metalworking knives, custom surgical (medical) knives, film cutting and slitting blades, recycling blades, knives and blades used in the consumables markets, and more.

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