BinMaster SHT-120/140 High temp vibrating rods

BinMaster, a division of Garner Industries, and headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, has released the BinMaster SHT or Super High Temperature vibrating rod featuring a newly developed piezo system built specifically for higher process temperatures up to 482F. The SHT is extremely durable due to the design of the patented re-enforced membrane and the new piezo system that features a standard insulation tube that insulates the electronics from excessive heat. The entire probe is constructed of stainless steel, and the electronics are mounted inside an IP66 / IP67 aluminum enclosure for advanced protection. The SHT can be used in all kinds of powdered or granular solids from very light, fluffy materials with a minimum material density of 1-1/4 pounds per cu/ft to a maximum granular size of 1-1/2in. It can be used to prevent overfills or can be installed as a high, mid, or low level alarm. The SHT series is available in two different models including the SHT-120 with a standard insertion length of 7.37in and the SHT-140, which has a threaded pipe extension that can be customized in lengths from 14in to 13ft, so it can be extended into the bin from the side or the top.

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