Assuring reliability of titanium clad equipment

In this week’s article, ‘Assuring reliability of titanium clad equipment’, written by John G. Banker, Consultant at Clad Metal Consulting, and Steve Sparkowich, Business Development Manager at Nobelclad, A DMC Global Company, discuss how the technologies for the manufacturing of high-quality reactive metal clad, and for the fabrication of titanium clad equipment were developed and industrialized in the 1960s. Explosion cladding has since proven to be a highly reliable, robust process for titanium clad manufacture. 
“It is the best practice cladding process, and has been the process of choice for more than 95% of all titanium clad equipment for the past 50+ years,” Banker and Sparkowich write. “Throughout these years, close cooperation between the clad manufacturers, designers, and fabricators has resulted in the evolution, and fine-tuning of technology for titanium clad equipment manufacturing. This cooperative effort has assured that delivery and performance issues with titanium clad equipment have been quite rare.”
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