ArcelorMittal, Nunavut change Baffinland board

ArcelorMittal and Nunavut Iron Ore Acquisition Inc. (Nunavut Iron), and Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation (Baffinland), which is 61% owned by Arcelor and Nunavut together, have announced changes to Baffinland’s board of directors. The Baffinland board of directors has accepted the resignations of Richard D. McCloskey, Grant Edey, John W. Lydall, Russell Cranswick and Gordon Watts effective immediately. The Baffinland board of directors has increased to eleven directors and the open board seats have been filled by Aditya Mittal, Sudhir Maheshwari, Phil Du Toit, Peter Kukielski, Carole Whittall, André La Flèche, Bruce Walter and Jowdat Waheed. Aditya Mittal has been named chairperson of the Baffinland board of directors and Phil Du Toit has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Baffinland. Daniella Dimitrov, Gary Fietz and Ronald Simkus will continue on as directors on the board of Baffinland.

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