A moment with: Eugene L. Broerman, Pump Summit Americas 2018 Steering Committee Member

Stainless Steel World Americas is pleased to present a discussion with Eugene L. Broerman, Principal Engineer in the Fluid Machinery Systems Section at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Eugene will play a key role in the Pump Summit Americas conference, taking place on June 26th-27th, 2018.
Eugene L. Broerman has over 16 years of experience in the fields of acoustics/pulsations, mechanical vibrations, compressors, pumps, piping system design, finite element analysis, and thermal piping stress. He is also the project manager for the development of the Linear Motor Reciprocating Compressor (LMRC) that is being developed for the DOE (Department of Energy), and has co-authored and co-presented over 50 papers and presentations throughout his career. With his vast amount of experience, and not to mention his involvement with the API 618 Task Force and the API 688 Task Force, Eugene is an invaluable member of the Pump Summit Americas 2018 Steering Committee. 
Why is it important to be involved in
a conference like the Pump Summit Americas?

Pump Summit Americas provides an opportunity to interact with many industry professionals who are involved with the operations and maintenance of pumps and directly related systems. The event provides an opportunity for pump experts to gather, network, and exchange information. 

Have you been involved with the conference in the past?

At Pump Summit Americas 2016 I was the moderator for one of the workshops, which was titled Unsteady/Pulsating Flows in Pumps and their Control. I was one of three presenters during that particular workshop. This year I am even more involved as I am a member of the Steering Committee, and I will also be moderating and presenting for one of the workshops. 

What do you hope the conference will offer to delegates?

I believe that the conference will offer delegates the opportunity to engage in knowledge transfer, network with other industry professionals and inspire productive discussions. 

How does the participation of an industry-leading Steering Committee help shape the conference?

Having a professional, industry-leading Steering Committee ensures that the topics most relevant to the industry will be discussed during the conference. The Steering Committee did an excellent job of creating a conference program that will cover the most relevant and applicable topics for present-day pump users. 

What topics are you particularly interested in bringing to the table and how do they serve the industry?

The topics I’m particularly interested in bringing to the table are associated with piping and fluid dynamics (particularly vibrations and pulsations) in positive displacement (PD) pump piping systems. Often, the system dynamics, primarily the fluid dynamics, are minimally understood by those who own and/or operate pump systems. The topics we plan to cover in our workshop will use many case studies to cover concepts that can be applied to fix real-life PD pump piping vibration problems. Covering these topics will serve the industry by hopefully avoiding some piping failures, which could save money, avoid an environmental infraction or possibly even save one or more lives. 

What kind of networking opportunities do you foresee arising from the conference?

Pump Summit Americas offers invaluable networking opportunities, such as exchanging new contact information, finding new vendor options and exploring new career leads. This significant two-day event will present these opportunities in the form of workshops, panel discussions, exhibiting hours, lunch hours, and coffee breaks. 

How will Pump Summit Americas benefit young professionals?

Bringing young professionals into these types of conferences is extremely important as it offers a fresh look at how old problems can be solved. Their involvement at these conferences also provides them with the necessary training for avoiding problems that have historically occurred. 

To learn more about the Pump Summit Americas 2018 Conference & Exhibition, please visit www.pumpsummitamericas. com or contact Josh Gillen ( 


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